Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee

By Playdigious

Dungeon of the Endless: ApogeeDungeon of the Endless: ApogeeDungeon of the Endless: ApogeeDungeon of the Endless: ApogeeDungeon of the Endless: Apogee

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Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense sport by which you and your group of heroes must shield the generator of your crashed ship while exploring an ever-increasing dungeon, all while dealing with waves of monsters and particular events as you try to discover your way out. The Apogee Edition of Dungeon Of The Endless includes the total game and five DLCs.


A few hundred condemned criminals have been being shipped to the Auriga system on board the prison hulk “Success”. While this was offered as an opportunity to earn again their place in society by working onerous for the common good, they understood that actually they might be slave labour, sent to colonize an unexplored planet. All they knew about Auriga Prime was what the probes advised them: it had water, temperate zones, flowers, and loads of metals within the crust.

In truth, the planet Auriga once hosted a major settlement of the galaxy-travelling ancestors generally known as the Endless. In addition, the planet was still orbited by a functioning (and properly cloaked) defensive system, which sprang eagerly to life upon the arrival of the Success. Within a couple of minutes, the ship was nothing but a number of massive chunks of steel falling toward the planet.

Luckily, every set of holding cells also functioned as an escape pod, so the ship let itself disintegrate and the surviving prisoners fell bruised but (quickly) alive and (momentarily) protected to the planet beneath. Safe, that's, until they realized that that they had crashed through some kind of Endless facility, all the way all the way down to a sub-basement so deep and historic it might as well be called a dungeon…

Gather A Team

• Form a staff of heroes, every with their own strengths (and psychoses)

• Equip them, deploy them, and earn highly effective abilities

• Manage the balance between ex-prison inmates and guards

Build Your Defenses

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