Ending Days

By ohNussy

Ending DaysEnding DaysEnding DaysEnding DaysEnding Days

After the tip of the world, every little thing is over and the human race extinct.

The historical guardian Eco who survived alone begins reckless battle along with her immortality.

It is a folly like selecting up a grain of diamond from the desert that continues to the horizon.

Still the woman never provides up.

She looks for “the future of hope” that resists all destinies…

# Repeat Ending one hundred days to avoid wasting the world

Ending Days is Rogue like RPG.

Make your get together with 2 characters and attempt to defeat Satan.

You can try the Satan castle from the primary day, however you will positively get back.

Travel the world, capture a dungeon, get the help of a influential individual, cease the secret maneuver of the rivals, and acquire the ability to defeat Satan.

The world is randomly generated each time you start an adventure, and a special history is spun every time you play.

# Easy to play, however severe adventure

In the field, select the map point to maneuver next.

In battle, select the ability to make use of.

Once you've picked up new gear, you possibly can both substitute it with a new one or simply ignore it to earn a bonus item as a substitute.

Playing is very simple, but evil monsters will easily break up your get together.

Players need medium- and long-term strategies to grow the adventurers stronger.

Each time you determine which merchandise to make use of, which supporters to purchase from, and in what order to conquer, each impacts the end result of the decisive battle.

Every time recreation is over, Echo the traditional guardian returns to the past a hundred days ago again to begin the next challenge.

As many instances as attainable till she grasp the Future of hope ...

# An expansive journey and possibilities

Players can carry gold even when defeated.

In addition, you can open the random item field Chronochest where characters and expendable objects can be gained by attaining various missions.

Or you should purchase characters and some consumable objects instantly. (There isn't any paid random box)

Depending on the composition of the get together members, you'll find a way to take pleasure in numerous conquest strategies.

Characters will continue to extend with main updates.

Create your own favourite celebration to save the world!

# There is also PC Web version!

* Official site


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