Engineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder

By Airapport

Engineer Millionaire: Money Factory BuilderEngineer Millionaire: Money Factory BuilderEngineer Millionaire: Money Factory BuilderEngineer Millionaire: Money Factory BuilderEngineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder

Brand new idle engineering experience in an idle tycoon game, which was downloaded more than 500 000 times! You can build a factory full of awesome machines and unbelievable mechanisms.

1. Spin cogwheels to make the money production machine work

2. Make sure the money get to your storage.

3. As soon as you earn enough money, you can buy wind-up engines and connect them to your machines to let it work without manual spinning.

4. Connect a steam engine to the line of cogwheels to let the machine earn money in the idle mode, while the game is offline

5. Be quick and tap the coins to increase their values

6. Build a tower and produce the electric energy from the lighnings. Use it to power your factory.

7. Another way to increase the coins value is placing Stompers on their way on the floor of the factory.

8. Connect all the stompers together and they will receive a boost.

9. Connect a distant cog with a chain connection

10. Catch a gremlin to get a reward!

Use your engineering skills to become a millionaire!

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