Ensemble Stars Music

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Ensemble Stars MusicEnsemble Stars MusicEnsemble Stars MusicEnsemble Stars MusicEnsemble Stars Music

The pre-registration begins now! Complete pre-registration on Google Play to say the exclusive rewards (Diamond×100) on the day of release! Explore extra activities and bonuses on the official website!

Ensemble Stars!! Music, the all-direction immersive cellular rhythm game, the essential sequel of Ensemble Stars! Basic, might be released soon! Idols from Yumenosaki Academy start their brand-new journey. You will certainly discover your perfect kind among all 49 fashionable, shining stars!

Elaborated 3D stay scenes, partaking stories by famous playwrights, and an expensive voice cast—enjoy every little thing about your idols here! Immerse your self in a brand new experience!

Super Real 3D LIVE, Closer to the Stage

Switch on the 3D LIVE mode, enjoy the melodious music, and see the fashionable MV performances unfold earlier than your eyes. Four difficulty levels from Easy to Expert for Live Stages are available. The Live experience stays the identical on all difficulty ranges, so please enjoy the fabulous beats on whatever level you like!

You are free to set any idol as a Center for performance and alter outfits on your idols. Center idols give mesmerizing Special Performances (SPP)!

Heart-Warming Bonds, Bitter-Sweet Story

Ensemble Stars!! Music is mainly written by AKIRA, the famend Japanese mild novelist, and it continues the story of Ensemble Stars! Basic. Young idols set out on their journey into the world and begin to discover the entertainment business. Excitement, hesitation, joy, and tears await on their way towards a bright future. Every day, something new in Ensemble Square pulls at your heartstrings.

Top Voice Cast, A Feast for the Ears

Hikaru Midorikawa, Yuki Kaji, Tetsuya Kakihara, Showtaro Morikubo, Tomoaki Maeno… 40 First-class voice actors are featured. This is an immersive feast for the ears you need to by no means miss!

Exclusive Office, Design Your Own Idol Zone

Pick your favourite furniture, ornaments, and themed suites to create your own dreamy little idol zone. Find your idols’ lovable reactions to special furniture! They might get pleasure from shaved ice on the seashore, or sleep soundly with fluffy sleep masks on… uncover more delicate, pretty reactions by yourself!

Multilingual Stories, Brand New Experience

Multilingual tales can be found within the official English version of Ensemble Stars!! Music for a richer sport expertise. You can select to learn the stories in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or Korean.

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