This is a narrative of a mermaid, who reign over the world of darkness.

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◆Play Instructions

You can proceed to read a story by using a key to open up another chapter.

You can aqcuire keys at the shop by both buying them or exchanging them for factors you collected free of charge.

By saving up factors, you possibly can read all stories free of charge.

Even when you wouldn't have any extra keys, you possibly can nonetheless read slightly additional by watching the video.

How you choose might decide whether or not you turn out to be nearer to him !?

Relish a deep romance with dashingly handsome monsters.


Our heroine, Aria, was main a privileged and comfotable life as a mermaid with her stunning mom and loving father.

Until in the future, something terrible befell this family that was envied by all.

Accused and convicted of murdering her mermaid mom, the heroine was imagined to be despatched to jail――――.

But the place she arrived at was a secret courtyard the place a sure species was saved isolated.



Coming from a good family, she who was raised up dearly like a princess with a lot of love from her father.

Confident and at all times ready to talk her mind, she finds it entirely pure to order and stand above the subordinate species.

Her mother is beautiful, and when the heroine was nonetheless a child, she was tremendously pleased with her mother and needed to be like her.

Although considerably self-centered, she's still an harmless younger woman blissfully unaware of the merciless aspect to mermaids.


One of the problem ch

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