Escape Game Collection


Escape Game CollectionEscape Game CollectionEscape Game CollectionEscape Game CollectionEscape Game Collection

Welcome to Escape Game Collection!

Escape Game Collection includes below.

***Escape Game Kite ***

Cat is flying a kite.

Oh, the kite is gone.

Let's assist to search out it.

***Escape Game Camping ***

Squirrels are camping.

They want some ingredient to make lunch.

Let's assist to find them.

***Escape Game Play ***

The Mice perform a play right now.

But the elements of their costumes are lacking.

Let's help to search out them.

***Escape Game Party ***

It is a house party at the Bear's house today.

But it's not ready yet.

Let's help put together for the get together.

***Escape Game Moon ***

It is the moon competition tonight.

Mice steal the dumplings whereas the cat is preparing the pageant.

Let's get the dumplings again from mice!

***Escape Game Beaver House ***

Hen and Chicks are taking a stroll.

Then the Chick was carried away by the river.

Let's escape from the beaver home.

***Escape Game Hide and Seek ***

The mice are taking part in cover-and-seek.

Let's assist the mouse discover the other hiding mice!

***Escape Game Turnip ***

A mouse tried to tug out a turnip.

But the turnip is too large to be pulled out alone.

Let's assist the mouse collect its associates to drag out the turnip!

***Escape Game Tidy Up ***

The bear was enjoying happily.

Then the parent came and told to tidy up.

Let's help the bear tidy up!

***Escape Game Christmas ***

It's Christmas right now.

Santa Claus is coming after the mice slept.

Help Santa Claus send gifts!

***Escape Game Clay***

The cat noticed that cabinets had room.

So he determined to make and adorn a brand new doll.

Help the cat make the doll!

***Escape Game Halloween***

Mole is decorating Halloween.

The chime at the entrance rings when the decoration is completed.

Who is coming?


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