European War 6:1914 - WW1 Strategy Game

By EasyTech

European War 6:1914 - WW1 Strategy GameEuropean War 6:1914 - WW1 Strategy GameEuropean War 6:1914 - WW1 Strategy GameEuropean War 6:1914 - WW1 Strategy GameEuropean War 6:1914 - WW1 Strategy Game

The development of technologies like steam engine, railway, ships have stuffed the world with new opportunities.

Unsatisfied with the colonial arrangements of the Old World, the rising empires are gearing up to compete. Inevitably, war turns into the result of conflicting pursuits.

The whole world did not anticipate the warfare to grow to such a big scale.

Could navy geniuses similar to Hindenburg, Ludendorff, Pétain, Foch, Haig and others finish the struggle?

Reliving intense historical navy battles in World War I. Commander! It is time to use successful technique and begin your army legendary journey!


*** More than 150 famous battles in 10 chapters

Civil War, Attack of Eagle, Eastern Front, Decline of the Ottoman, Marine Overlord

Dual Monarchy, European Powder Keg, Balkan Lion, Dawn of Victory, Rise of Apennines

*** Choose your generals and promote their ranks and titles

*** Train the particular models, corresponding to Hungarian Air Gun Solider, German Firebat, British Tank and so on

*** Build a palace and get the princess of each nation

*** Train your army and enhance their expertise


*** Build army amenities and prepare the units

*** Develop cities to extend revenue, upgrade the national technology

*** Build a army academy to study various military techniques

*** Historical occasions will affect the situation on the battlefield

*** Building wonders will convey numerous advantages to the whole country

*** The diplomatic system can enable allies to join the struggle as soon as potential, or delay the enemy’s declaration of struggle on us

Declare war on any country or assist allies at any time, or finish the whole battle directly through negotiations

*** Choose strong or weak international locations to challenge completely different difficulties

Win with much less time to get larger scores, rank with othe

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