Familiar Warfare


Familiar WarfareFamiliar WarfareFamiliar WarfareFamiliar WarfareFamiliar Warfare

Familiar Warfare is an progressive card and education cellular game for epic battles in a western magic world. It options the battle of human mages towards God Observers. Together, these mages need to create a new world primarily based on magic and technological development. In this recreation, you will turn into one of the mages with a secret bloodline. You are the protagonist of the “World”, with the magic to summon Familiars and the braveness to disclose the reality as the story develops. Through Companion Training, Valor Trial, Enemy Invasion, Void Arcadia, and so forth., you will embark on a magical journey of resistance for freedom!


Powerful summoners are able to battle with as a lot as 15 Familiars. Are you a lover of summons, healing, or support? Different lineups or playstyles could be applied within the game. With versatile deployment and good strategies, you will turn out to be the crucial participant determining the results of battles!


In the Land of Gar del, there's this secret forest coated by fog all year, with tons of beasts and Familiars inside. Rumor has it that you'll find legendary creatures there with the potential of claiming uncommon treasures. But hey, what is really horrible in the Misty Forest isn't these legendary creatures, however the hearts of humans…


It is excessive time so that you just can experience Covenanter cooperation! With kingdoms divided into different territories, probably the most competent Covenanter team has the best alternative to beat the world and enjoy the benefits that come with promotions. By occupying neighboring territories, slicing off the provides of opponents, and teaming up for defense, you must work together to assert victory with completely different strategies.


In your epic journey, there are distinctive landscapes for you to uncover, for example, Cities and Temples, Crystal Academy and magic world, villages and deserts, deep sea and Void Gate… You will unlock different types of stages within the immersive exploration.


For enhancing the skills of Covenanters, the King has set up giant phases on War god Mountain for Covenanters to problem each other. Through the competitors, you have the likelihood of receiving wealth and fame. Besides, you'll find a way to fight all the finest way to the highest of the War god Leaderboard!


Wanna know your BR rating among all of the Covenanters? Boot Camp provides you with the answer! Officers right here will evaluate your wisdom, decision-making, and preventing abilities based on the performance in the sport. Fight onerous for your S-Rank now, Covenanter!

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