By Mario Chavarría


Formulia is an application centered on science college students, mainly engineering. Its goal is to offer a group of formulas from the completely different branches that exist in mathematics, physics and chemistry, in addition to various other tools that shall be helpful when performing certain calculations.


● Algebra

● Geometry

● Flat and spherical trigonometry

● Differential calculus

● Integral calculus

● Multivariable calculus

● Probability and statistics

● Linear algebra

● Ordinary differential equations

● Fourier collection and Laplace transforms

● Discrete mathematics

● Beta and Gamma functions

● Z Transform


● Mechanics

● Fluid mechanics

● Waves

● Thermodynamics

● Electromagnetism

● Optical

● Modern Physics


● Stoichiometry

● Solutions

● Thermochemistry

● Electrochemistry

● Gases

● Structure of the atom

● Organic chemistry


● Universal constants

● Units of measure

● Unit conversions

● Tables of values ​​(densities, specific heats, etc.)

● Greek alphabet

● SI prefixes

● Mathematical symbology

● Scientific calculator

● Unit converter

● Matrix calculator

Periodic table: Check the most important info and properties of every chemical component corresponding to:

● Electron configuration

● Atomic weight

● Oxidation states

● Number of electrons, protons and neutrons

● Density, melting and boiling point

● Heat of fusion, warmth of vaporization and particular heat

● Thermal and electrical conductivity, and resistivity

● Electronegativity

● And other properties

The application is consistently rising and bettering, any suggestion is welcome.

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