Franken Girl

By Magic Cube

Franken GirlFranken GirlFranken GirlFranken GirlFranken Girl

Culture the cells to create eyes, nose, mouth and different features and fuse them to make your individual Franken girl.

Step 1 : Place the seeds right into a beaker that will be grown up as eyes, nose, mouth and other features.

Step 2 : Cultivate the seeds sincerely.

Step 3 : Collect the grown up components and fuse them.

Step 4 : Finally, name the Franken girl. Easy!

Let us introduce the a unique concept collecting sport 'Franken lady'.

This game is to tradition and fuse the cells in order to make gamers' own Franken woman.

The extra Franken girls being created the more analysis supporting fund increases.

You can create a Franken woman with vastly superior quality through the use of good supplies and upgrade the laboratory with increased analysis fund.

Your own Franken girl, Let's make one!


- Collecting game with unique concept

- Huge number of kinds you might make with varied avatar items

- Mysterious story that be progressively revealed

- Interesting conversations with Franken girls

- Various items that useful to experiment

- Research fund that will increase with the quality of franken girls

- Laboratory upgrade system that enables participant to create high quality franken girls

- Quality ranking system and The Number Of Creation rating system

- Quest system that gives large rewards

- Simple controls for anybody to enjoy

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