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G-NetWiFi is a WiFi network monitor and drive take a look at device for Android OS units. It allows monitoring and logging of WiFi community parameters without utilizing special tools. It's a tool and it's a toy. It can be used by professionals to get better insight on the community or by radio lovers to study more about WiFi networks.

G-NetWifi can be utilized in out of doors and in indoor setting with loading of floorplans.

The primary options of G-NetWiFi are:

- measuring of WiFi network parameters

- logging of measured values in text and kml files

- displaying measured values on map view

- auto connect with greatest configured WiFi - in Settings - Other

The app uses runtime permissions. Grant wanted permissions in Menu - App permissions to find a way to use all app features.

Get G-NetWiFi Pro model:

Google Play: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gyokovsolutions.gnetwifipro

G-NetWiFi Pro - extra features:

- WiFi scan logging

- Data check (ping, addContent, download)

- Data sequence

- loading of cellfile and displaying WiFi entry factors and serving cell line on map view

- Scan only configured WiFi

- Change WiFi AP color

- Extended kml export

- Predefined routes load

- Auto add new WiFi AP to cellfile

- Import/export app settings

- Extended textual content logging

- Change app folder

- Log discount factor

2. Tabs

2.1. WIFI Tab

WIFI tab reveals community and geographical data.

2.2 SCAN Tab

SCAN tab shows details about neighbor WIFI AP measurements. It consists of two tables:

You can change the chart to show all WiFi or only configured WiFi via the button beneath the chart.

2.3 MAP tab

MAP tab exhibits geographical view of the measurements and WiFi entry points

2.4 INFO tab

The INFO tab offers miscellaneous information.

2.5 DRIVE tab

DRIVE tab characterize the main serving AP data in comfortable format with massive font letters


Create cellfile and put it into folder G_NetWiFi_Logs/cellfile.

Here is a pattern cellfile: http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/downloads/G-NetWiFi/cellfile.txt


How to use indoor mode:

1. Go to Settings and activate INDOOR MODE

2. On Map the button Set Point and middle level will appear

3. Point your present location on the map middle and press Set Point - a marker will appear on the map

4. Move to the following level. Center map on it and press Set Point - several new markers (one for each second) will seem connecting earlier and current location

5. Go via the route placing points when you change course.

6. You can clear the markers utilizing CLR button

AUTO INDOOR mode permits auto filling of measurement factors when the GPS fix is not out there like in tunnels or on locations with unhealthy GPS reception.

AUTO INDOOR mode works solely when the log is lively.

If INDOOR mode is chosen AUTO INDOOR mode isn't activated.

How to make use of it:

1. Enable AUTO INDOOR mode in Settings.

2. Choose threshold for GPS validity

3. Start log.

4. When you enter the tunnel and lose GPS fix the GPS writing on upper right corner of MAP tab will colour in blue which signifies that AUTO INDOOR mode is lively and measurements are collected.

5. When you go out of the tunnel and GPS fix is valid the values for GPS accuracy and time are coloured in green, the exiting point is auto set and the lacking measurements between coming into and exiting point are shown on the map and crammed within the log.


How to load floorplans:

1. In folder G_NetWiFi_Logs/floorplan put the floorplan photographs and create text index file (index.txt) with rows for each image and following content material (tab delimited)

imagename longitudeSW latitudeSW longitudeNE latitudeNE

where SW and NE are South - West nook and North - East nook.

2. Go to Menu - Load Floorplan. The floorplans might be shown on map and you'll change the ground with the assistance of the Floor button - next to CLR button

Here you'll find a way to download floorplan sample: http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/downloads/G-NetTrack/floorplan.rar

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