Galaxy Reavers 2 - Space RTS Battle


Galaxy Reavers 2 - Space RTS BattleGalaxy Reavers 2 - Space RTS BattleGalaxy Reavers 2 - Space RTS BattleGalaxy Reavers 2 - Space RTS BattleGalaxy Reavers 2 - Space RTS Battle

Welcome to Galaxy Reavers 2, a sci-fi rts cell game with battle on a spaceship in area, conquer the galaxy with them.

1. Sci-fi RTS Strategic Battle

Command your spaceship and shoot your missiles or management your fleet to avoid incoming missiles. Intensive strategic battle in area.

2. 3D Camera Control

You can drag, rotate, and zoom in/out to fully control the battle. Use it as a strategy to win your battle within the galaxy.

3. Customize your Spaceship

With dozens of spaceships and tons of of gadgets, you can build your personal fleet to beat the galaxy and win the warfare.

4. Unlock a Commander

Use a commander to pilot your spaceship and increase your probability of victory. You can nonetheless command your fleet and use of strategy in this Sci-fi Galaxy area rts recreation.

5. Game Mode

Discover many planets on totally different galaxy and play completely different recreation mode. Fight on a 3D Sci-fi Galactic Space and shoot your enemies. Intensive RTS battle.

Build spaceship and equip them with powerful missiles gadgets to be ready for a warfare in several galaxy.

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