Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms


Game of Heroes: Three KingdomsGame of Heroes: Three KingdomsGame of Heroes: Three KingdomsGame of Heroes: Three KingdomsGame of Heroes: Three Kingdoms

Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms is a cell card technique recreation primarily based on the Three Kingdoms period. It is an unique desk sport that mixes historical past, art, cards, and different elements in an authentic three-country technique card recreation. In the game, you can choose to play the famous characters of the Three Kingdoms period. Through using unique character expertise and rationally taking half in various types (basic classes, kits, and so forth.), the cards are strategized, sensible and skillful, and achieve the goal of id and win.

———— Special method to play ――――――――

Game features

1-Rank Battle: In 2V2 battle mode, the rank is raised by factors for 1 season per month.

The top of the rank is the flexibility of the participant, and could be confirmed by way of truthful competitors.

2- Intense group battle: You can all the time type a team, you aren't combating alone.

3- Authentic mode: Hides the identity of the principle character, loyalty, anti-bandits, and the insider in a 5/8 player recreation.

4-Offline mode: No want for internet, you can get pleasure from anytime.

5- Exclusive warlords: Mausoleum, Zodiacity, Admiration, Cao Cao ... Enjoy only the smartphone version!

6-Government System: Recruit warlords, acquire skins and raise the government flooring, weekly bonus

Let's receive!

7-Guild System: Bring your folks together to create the strongest public corporation.

8-skin (video): animated pores and skin, visible upgrade.

Event Corner

1-Game Special: Earn points in battles, enhance rankings and win grand prizes.

2- Defeat the demon: Create a group of three people and defeat the boss. Get luxurious rewards.

3-Casual 1: 1 to 1: 1, get a gold ticket.

4-Casual 2-to-1: The main character performs in opposition to two anti-bandits and will get lots of gold tickets.

Gorgeous voice actors

A main voice actor in the country seems to face the Mikuni battlefield, making a voice for each warlord.

* ZHENJI : Like a snow fluttering in the wind, light clouds block the moon

* Naoka Son: Please take care of yourself

* Liku: The humble prince is kind and unbearable

* Mr. Shiba: Natural life, ha ha ha!

* Zhou Wei: Let's scratch our feet! In the abyss of blood and darkness

Artist support

An glorious painter in the nation made a devoted skin for warlords.

Zeosei collection: lovely and elegant, blooming flowers.

World Series: Feeling timid

Team confrontation collection: Unique design, excessive floor.

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