Generate: Generative Art Tool

By Complex View Ltd

Generate: Generative Art ToolGenerate: Generative Art ToolGenerate: Generative Art ToolGenerate: Generative Art ToolGenerate: Generative Art Tool

Using Generate you possibly can create beautiful graphics that develop and evolve using a concise scripting language (based on the Context Free language, frivolously altered for Android).

You can share scripts with others (shared scripts ought to work on Aza Raskin's Algorithm Ink website and (mostly) work in the Context Free software).

Once you might have a script working you have to use the above variations to provide much larger resolution versions (consider Generate as a kind of sketch book).

Comes with many pattern scripts and integrated help/reference.

On Android 4.0 it includes syntax highlighting, fullscreen mode and heaps of other small enhancements.

Uses Aza Raskin's Javascript implementation of Context Free (source code and other links are contained inside Generate).

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