Golden Bazaar: Game of Tycoon

By 37games

Golden Bazaar: Game of TycoonGolden Bazaar: Game of TycoonGolden Bazaar: Game of TycoonGolden Bazaar: Game of TycoonGolden Bazaar: Game of Tycoon

【The newest model is available in English ONLY.】




From the proprietor of a humble bakery to the richest individual in the Middle East!

How does a poor boy turn out to be a mega tycoon? Find that out in Golden Bazaar: Game of Tycoon!

From no one to a Magnate of Industry

★ The Golden Age of Merchants

Start your business as a commoner and eventually construct a business empire in the Ancient Arab world.

☆ The Road to Monopoly

Bakery, Tailor Shop, Jewelry Store, Watch Shop...broaden your corporation to completely different industries until you achieve a monopoly within the region!

★ Recruit Elite Talents

Astrologer, Porcelain Craftsman, Captain, Tailor, will want skilled folks to help you run your industrial empire.

☆ Meet Exotic Beauties

The dutiful Tea Artist from the far east, the mighty queen of an empire, the harmless farm lady who lives next door...who will allow you to obtain greatness, and who might be your real love?

★ International Trade

Establish worldwide trade routes. Tea from China, spices from India, jewelry from Egypt, metals from Rome... Sell to whoever offers the very best price!

☆ Trade War

Defeat your opponents, corrupt profiteers, and dishonest traders - Take their businesses away from them!

★ Cultivate Your Heirs

As a rich tycoon, you should have lots of kids. If you do not wish to see your industrial empire destroyed by them, you'd higher elevate them nicely! You can even prepare marriages for them to additional your future plans!

☆ Offline Revenue

Money never sleeps! Your business is continually being profitable for you even if you end up offline! Every time whenever you log in to the sport you may collect the fortune!

★ Exploration Adventure

With opportunity, comes risk. Are you a real threat-taker? Or maybe send

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