Grabby Grab

By Lion Studios

Grabby GrabGrabby GrabGrabby Grab

The latest and most addicting sport is right here! Grabby Grab’s all-catching grabbing claws enables you to defeat enemies from left and right, and finally get rid of the king. Embark on this crazy enjoyable journey along with your elastic arms. You can throw lethal weapons in the direction of your opponents. As you stage up, you’ll experience more obstacles and rare gadgets.

Grabby Grab is not your usual fighting game. It’s method cooler than that. Concentrate, aim at your target, plus hit and pull your enemies down together with your grabby claws. Feel the sweet style of destruction as you’re getting your way and tearing down your enemies. The combat is yours to win...If you dare attempt!

Game Features:

Grab and throw every thing!

Extend your arms to reach items as far as the top of a football subject. And of course...throw them at your enemies!

New weapons

You assume you can handle throwing an enormous rock? How a few mace? Or a hook? Think once more! Play with as many weapons as you need.

Clear challenging ranges

More obstacles are in your way so keep on knocking them useless!

Defeat the king

At the very end lies the king, and it’s up to us to defeat him. But, the road isn’t straightforward so keep watch!

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