Granny 3

By DVloper

Granny 3Granny 3Granny 3Granny 3Granny 3

Hello and welcome to Granny 3!

Granny and Grandpa have a brand new residence collectively.

As ordinary, they do nothing necessary but strolling around the house and guards so no one intrudes on their territory.

You as a prisoner must attempt to get out of there before day 5 has expired.

As usual, Granny hears when you drop one thing on the floor otherwise you occur to stroll on a creaking floorboard.

Grandpa doesn't hear very nicely however he likes to shoot along with his shotgun on every thing that moves.

Then we've Granny's granddaughter Slendrina who reveals up every so often and tries to make your involuntary stay even more difficult.

If you see her, look away as quick as you can for her gaze kills.

You can disguise underneath beds, a sofa or in closets but for God's sake don't jump into the moat.

Be careful!

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