Hedgehog Evolution - Create supersonic creatures!

By Tapps Games

Hedgehog Evolution - Create supersonic creatures!Hedgehog Evolution - Create supersonic creatures!Hedgehog Evolution - Create supersonic creatures!Hedgehog Evolution - Create supersonic creatures!Hedgehog Evolution - Create supersonic creatures!

Thanks to a sure hedgehog hero, porcupines have become identified for his or her supersonic speed. Thing is, all they really want to be known for is their edgy hairstyles!

Merge completely different hedgehog species to create new mutant porcupines that will redefine spiky hairdos forever!

So stylish, so fashionable, so influential, they sting! (touch the screen carefully!)


Pantheon: a brand new place for supreme beings to look down on us mortals and snort at our misery

Impostors: be careful for impostors attempting to steal the spotlight from the hedgehogs.


Drag and drop comparable hedgehogs to create new mutant creatures

Use hedgehog eggs to earn coins, buy new creatures and make even more money

Alternatively, fiercely faucet a hedgehog to make cash pop from their eggs


Different levels and many hedgehog species to discover

A mind-blowing story with edgy twists!

The surprising mixture of creature evolution dynamics and incremental clicker games

Doodle-like illustrations

Open-ended gameplay: enjoy the freedom!

No hedgehogs had been harmed within the making of this recreation, solely developers

A message from the hedgehogs: blue is so final decade.

Please note! This sport is free to play, but it contains objects that can be bought for actual cash. Some options and extras mentioned within the description may also need to be purchased for real money.

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