Hello Froggy!

By ORCA Games

Hello Froggy!Hello Froggy!Hello Froggy!Hello Froggy!Hello Froggy!

Little froggy always had a dream of exploring the bigger world. Go on an adventure with froggy crammed with unknowns, collecting completely different objects (Shhh.. some may even give froggy superpowers!) and leaping on numerous lily pads. Invite new frog pals on your adventure by using the lilies collected in sport, and assist them transfer by tilting your system.

Hello Froggy! is a tilt controlled hyper informal arcade sport where you get to help froggy on his jumping journey by way of the pond and past.

★ Easy to Play, Easy Controls

Our recreation is a hyper casual recreation made for everybody, and subsequently is simple to be taught and simple to play. Just tilt your system left to right so as to decide the direction your frog ought to move. They will do all the jumping!

★ Exciting Gameplay to Keep You Engaged

Your adventure will grow in issue as you go farther. With a diverse array of things and lily pads that change in behavior, no two games are the same!

★ Choose Your Favorite Cute Little Frog

Many adorable frog associates are available within the sport. Some frogs even have their own special dance! Collect all of the totally different frogs to search out out, and go on an journey with them!

Happy Jumping!

For any inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for taking half in our game!

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