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How Battlegrounds Works in PUBG

Battlegrounds Works in PUBG

PUBG has consistently been somewhat not quite the same as most different games: as it is progressively strategic, increasingly serious, and above all, progressively troublesome. Each round of PUBG begins with 100 individuals in a plane, and from that point players will parachute out and spread all through the guide, dropping into various areas and conditions. When you parachute your way to the ground, the target from that point forward is to discover weapons, slaughter individuals, and above all to endure. Weapons and plunder for the most part bring forth on the floors of structures, so that is a decent spot to begin.

Before you figure out how to win, you’ll have to figure out how to endure. There are a ton of dangers to keep an eye out for in PUBG, the fundamental one being different players, yet there is additionally another consistent risk – the blue circle. You’ll discover the hover plot in your minimap, and after a set measure of time it will start to close from the outside in. Everybody outside of the circle begins taking harm, so you’ll need to head inside the region before the ‘blue zone’ begins taking your wellbeing. Those are the fundamentals of PUBG: parachute down, discover a weapon, stay away from the blue zone and different players. Finding a weapon and evading the blue zone can be troublesome, so it’s imperative to realize the best drop zones and legitimate situating.

How to Survive in Battlegrounds

Endurance is vital to winning in PUBG, all the way. You will probably remain alive for whatever length of time that conceivable, and your playstyle should reflect that reality. It very well may be enticing to run towards far off discharges or take part in a long-extend expert marksman war, yet by far most of the time it won’t be justified, despite all the trouble except if you are certain you can get the kill and come out alive. On the off chance that you see adversary players, ask yourself coming up next: are my colleagues with me? Are there different crews around? Would i be able to get away? In case you’re uncertain about any of these inquiries, it is most likely best to pause. Your objective isn’t to get the most executes conceivable, you will likely remain alive for whatever length of time that conceivable at whatever cost. Regardless of whether that implies surrendering a murder.

Being subtle will likewise help you in remaining alive for whatever length of time that conceivable. Sneaking around in PUBG is hard on the grounds that your strides make a great deal of clamor, yet there are a couple of approaches to battle this. Removing your shoes will calm your strides marginally and squatting while at the same time pointing down sights will dispose of all commotion. The red circle, which drops bombs in a little region on the guide, can likewise be utilized to conceal the hints of you strolling, as the blasts will cover any clamor you make.

The Easiest Drop Zones

Erangel is the game’s first guide, loaded up with timberlands, mountains and urban areas. All the instigators will focus on places like school, army installation and Georgeopol, and keeping in mind that these spots may have the absolute best plunder they likewise have the hardest adversaries.

Ferry Town Pier



Water Town


Miramar is PUBG’s desert map, and as such it has various structures and places than Erangel. Erangel is pressed with urban areas, backwoods and spread, however Miramar is only sand sprinkled with a couple of structures.

Minos del Sur

Los Higos

La Cobreria


Puerto Paraiso

Sanhok is the littlest guide and PUBG, and you’ll need to look out in light of the fact that things can get brutal quick on these islands. The climate will likewise change through the span of the match, so be prepared for both haze and daylight.

The Docks


Pai Nan

Ban Tai

Tam Bang

Vikendi is PUBG’s most up to date guide, and it comes canvassed in day off plunder. Vikendi is some place in the middle of the size of Erangal and Sanhok, so you won’t run into the same number of players as you would in Sanhok.






Map Positioning

When you have dropped down, it’s a great opportunity to chip away at your guide situating. While moving around the guide in PUBG, spread ought to be your main riority consistently. Getting captured out in the open is a simple method to get took out surprisingly fast, so you’ll generally need to consider what you can use for spread close to you. When out in nature, you’ll need to keep yourself near rocks and trees – woodlands can be a decent spot to stow away for this precise explanation. Attempt to stay away from fields no matter what, in any case in the event that you end up stood out in the open with no spread, setting down in grass or wheat will keep you covered up.

When repositioning, it very well may be enticing to utilize a vehicle, however recall that most vehicles in PUBG aren’t actually reinforced vehicles. Most vehicles in PUBG have around 1500-1800 wellbeing, which implies they’ll detonate in less than 40 shots from ambush rifles, which isn’t actually a great deal. Possibly reposition utilizing a vehicle on the off chance that you need to make a trip a significant distance to get in the circle. In the event that you are going for a consideration bundle, drive up to the case at that point leave the vehicle and use it as spread. In the event that essential, you can likewise shoot your own tires to bring down the vehicle to the ground, which means foes will be not able to hit your feet.

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