Hundred Days

By Pixmain

Hundred DaysHundred DaysHundred DaysHundred DaysHundred Days

What occurs when a working class underdog turns into master of Piemonte?

In Hundred Days you will have complete control of a model new enterprise. By choosing your starting point carefully, you'll embark on a journey of your business and turn into a mogul of business by deciding which product to provide. By keeping a pulse on market demand, you might additionally increase your small business through gross sales and development.

Just like in the real world, every selection you make, from working in the yard to concrete gross sales, can have an result on the quantity and quality of the product you produce. Higher quality product improves your industry status, regardless of greater operational price, it's going to profit your progress within the brief run.

Hundred Days is a tycoon recreation with a narrative twist, offering three totally different sport modes to suit most palates. From beginner to skilled, this simulation game will entertain you whereas improving your general understanding of this millenary tradition and its cultural relevance.

Main features

- Friendly recreation mechanisms for players on different levels.

- Analyze the soil to know which grapes will grow better.

- Protect your grapes from diseases.

- Learn what’s the most effective season to prune, fertilize, and harvest.

- Understand the significance of various yeasts and bacteria strains.

- Experiment with fermentation and wine growing older to reinforce the traits of your product.

- Customize your bottles by selecting their shapes and colours.

- Apply branding and marketing strategies to increase your reputation.

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