Hyde and Seek

By MazM (Story Games, Adventure)

Hyde and SeekHyde and SeekHyde and SeekHyde and SeekHyde and Seek

Kate Holiday’s journey to regain peace in her every day life unfolds on the sport board as an motion drama.

How will fate manifest itself for you and Kate in your subsequent moves?

Kate’s journey performs out on prime of the sport board.

️Game Features

▶Stories through board games

Kate’s journey performs out on top of the game board.

You can use cards to make your moves. The objective is to make use of items to achieve your vacation spot within the time restrict.

However, the streets of London are full of forces that try to disturb your strikes and people who wish to talk to you.

Either talk to them to get what you need or battle them. If you’re unlucky, you may even be penalized!

▶Decisions Matter on this Board Game

Focus on the playing cards in your hand.

The streets of London on high of the game board are crammed with your enemies, strangers, traps, and issues that arouse your curiosity.

Make your greatest strikes to keep away from hazard and traps, and get alternatives and data from strangers!

Also, subdue your enemies and reach your destination inside the time limit.

▶Hide and search seeking the truth in 19th century London

Kate, who hits all-time low by turning right into a criminal in a single day, meets shady people and even gets abducted by them.

How will Kate face the sudden fact that's past her imagination?

It’s a disguise and search recreation that revolves around Kate’s experiment, her mentor, and the gang members that are chasing her.

Check out the results of this grand experiment!

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