Idle Space Mining

By Dolphin Ridge Games Limited

Idle Space MiningIdle Space MiningIdle Space MiningIdle Space Mining

You wake up on an alien planet. Mine resources, build factories, assemble a spaceship, on to new planets in this idle area strategy sport.

Can you use the planet’s assets to make a brand new space ship and continue your mission?

Your area ship has landed unexpectedly. You have been woken from inter-planetary stasis. With the help of a ship’s robotic (‘call me George’), you must mine and gather assets, build conveyors, automate each manufacturing facility and upgrade them all.

•  Build drone hangars and send your drones to gather distant resources.

•  Build radar stations to find new areas of the planet, with new assets you need.

•  Collect uncommon gems and mysterious artifacts that will help you.

•  Harvest resources from alien spacecraft.

•  Boost your mining, crafting, and assembly line performance with ‘power up’ clickers.

•  Automate your production – hold your factories operating while you're away.


•  Build your new space craft.

•  Manufacture the gasoline you need.

•  Launch your spaceship to reach new planets and build again

•  Take the subsequent step in your mission (what even is your real mission?)

This new idle tycoon-style simulation combines nice graphics, multiple challenges, and many potential strategies to maintain you gripped for ages. Go back to the same planet sort and play a special method, or on to the next. Watch fast videos to boost your rewards, or play the entire game with out advertisements.

Good luck!!

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