Infinite Lagrange

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Infinite LagrangeInfinite LagrangeInfinite LagrangeInfinite LagrangeInfinite Lagrange

We have extended our presence to one-third of the Milky Way with a big transportation community—the Lagrange System. Different forces strike to make their very own means on the earth and desire the control of the Lagrange system.

You, rising as one of many force leaders, end up in a time of challenges and opportunities. Your fleet pioneers into the area unknown the place struggle and sabotage might lie forward. Are you decided to attain something nice on the market or return to the safety of residence?

From 0 to Infitnite

Into the unknown galaxy, you've solely a small metropolis with two frigate. Through mining, constructing and trade, increase your base and territory, attain higher ship-building know-how and carry more weight in the intergalactic area.

Customized Weapon System

You may even modify and improve the weapon system on every single ship, when you ever want to tap into your artistic facet. It’s as much as you to convey out the fleet’s full potential.

Boundless Ship Combos

Spore Fighter, Destroyer, The Great Battlecruiser, Solar Whale Carrier...... With a myriad of ships and plane obtainable, there’s actually no saying about what sort of fleet you may put together with your unwearying ingenuity.

Realistic Space Massive Battles

In a space battle, a nicely-planned ambush can severely injury the enemy fleet. Or you possibly can choose to guard thoroughfares with your fleet. A major battle might create a no-fly zone of tons of of miles' radius.

Venture Deep into Uncharted Space

In a nook of the Milky Way, you will have your own base and consider, beyond that's the huge unknown house. You will ship your fleet to the dark frontiers where anything can happen. What else will you find apart from stars?

Interact with Interstellar Forces

There are forces taking on parts of the universe. You can help them obtain their objectives by sending ships to their aid, cooperate and prosper, or, as an alternative, occupy their airspace and ter

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