Infinite Worlds

By Lemon Jam Studio

Infinite WorldsInfinite WorldsInfinite WorldsInfinite WorldsInfinite Worlds

With the Time and Space Gear of the universe as the principle physique, the world in a number of occasions is rotated by the various points of the Universe Wheel. Worlds are divided into the center, the center and the periphery according to their positions on the wheel.

In D.Y. 1506, the Universe Wheel started to fall off and collapse for no reason. Disasters occurred at many worlds - earthquakes, ground collapses, volcanic eruptions, floods. Worlds had been progressively breaking away from its personal orbit and shrinking toward the center. The collision between worlds will ultimately cause the collapse of all worlds.

Located within the center of the Universe Wheel, this world - Initial Tree's sky was tearing apart. A crack confirmed up in the sky, numerous creatures and even invaders that had been from one other world appeared within the crack.

At the capital of Initial Tree, Queen Efalia known as all warlords of Apocalypse Knight and asked them to summon adventurers from different worlds with Grail of Apocalypse. She needed that these adventurers from other worlds may help her defeat invaders and save the world.

You, as an adventurer, are you able to defeat powerful and evil creatures and save the world?

Recruit adventurers

There are human, elf and dragonborn adventurers. A affordable mixture of different races throughout battle can defeat the enemy more simply!

Fight and defend

Turn-primarily based battle, form your group and use abilities properly to defeat stronger enemies. Auto-battle can also be available.

Construct your city

Use the honor points to upgrade buildings within the city and unlock more practical buildings.

Upgrade and Ascend

Use resources to upgrade and ascend heroes. Form your team with stronger heroes to defeat highly effective enemies.

Smelt and Craft

Create expertise books within the smithy to upgrade heroes and create equipments for heroes.

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