Line Loops - Logic Puzzles

By Final Game Studio

Line Loops - Logic PuzzlesLine Loops - Logic PuzzlesLine Loops - Logic PuzzlesLine Loops - Logic PuzzlesLine Loops - Logic Puzzles

Line Loops is a calming and challenging logic recreation, the place you try to kind a single steady loop to resolve a logic puzzle.

Use the numbers as clues to loop via thousands of mind teasing logic puzzles. Can you solve them all?


- 1000s of distinctive logic puzzles to resolve

- Gradual difficulty curve for a satisfying experience

- Hint system that will help you out should you get caught

- Achievements and a world leaderboard

- A easy and serene visual type

- Soothing, dynamic background music

- Optimized for each tablets and telephones

Line Loops is loosely based on the basic Japanese sport Slitherlink ( by Nikoli, the creators of sudoku ). Slitherlink has additionally been referred to as Takegaki, Suriza, Loop the Loop and Loopy

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