Luminous Sword


Luminous SwordLuminous SwordLuminous SwordLuminous SwordLuminous Sword

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The journey of immortality isn't complete with out us. It’s time to set off! Fantasy martial arts new eraMMORPGmobilegame is coming!Brand new features like distinctive transformation, Fate Embedment and and so on, offering diversified attributes mixed with varied paths of growth. Is the evil really evil? The reality is out there, let’s find it out!


--Dreamlike ancient-styles--

Developed with high-end rendering engine, breathtaking scenes with enhanced rendering. Immerse in the good thing about magnificent constructions and the great view of misty mountains. Various map scenes presenting the immense world together!

--Skill-fight free-to-trade--

Abundant PK modes which incorporates solo, team-fight, area battle, guild warfare, unrestricted battlefield slaughters, all-round bloody battle awaits you. There are tons of dungeons and numerous bosses with excessive fee rare drops; High grade gear to be plundered; Cross-server free-to-trade market!

--Harmonious Fate with Sweet Social Interaction--

New Marriage system helps you discover your soulmate, Tie-the-knot and have a wedding that's witnessed by everybody, set up banquets,gather your relations and pals; Kiss whereas dancing, enjoy romantic interactions; Fall in love and turn into a pair, there is also exclusive accessories buff!

--3D Cultivation and routed growth--

Mysterious Switch brings you in the path of a brand new stage, buying attributes development and model new expertise; 10 totally different boundaries generate totally different Visions, showing various special results of Visions; Triple-destiny controlling the destiny, every thing is as much as your alternative.

--Multivitamin Styles with personal charisma--

A number of costume and equipment with free mixture, there are additionally cute Spirits, 3-world mounts, special Crafts, shiny weapons and Arms, advancement and Transmogrifying offers model new appears daily, refuse to be all of a piece!





--Costumes and transmogrify--

Withawealthof appearance atyourfingertips,youarefreetohighlightyourpersonalityinthegameeasily!


The loyal servant will accompanyyou forever!


Ride on the mount to tower above the rest!

--Special Wings--



The instrument will guard you when you are in danger!

--Sky Army--

Thealluringarmymakesyoupowerfulandfearlessin facinganyenemies!


Players can determine their very own destiny. Plan your personal destiny , line and godhood!

--Exquisite Deity--

Theexquisite Deityisasymbol of the strongest


Go home, your guildmates are ready for you! Buildaguildandfightforyourvictory!


Worldservergameplay mode contains Chaotic Realm,Boss, Element Mound, and and so forth. Luminous Swordstrivestodeliverthemostexhilaratinggameplay!

LettheadventureofLuminous Sword begins!



Luminous SwordPlayerCommunity(OFFICIALGROUP):


Email:[email protected]


※Thisgameisratedfor12 accordingtoGameSoftwareRatingRegulations.





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