Lux, City of Secrets

By Hosted Games

Lux, City of SecretsLux, City of SecretsLux, City of SecretsLux, City of SecretsLux, City of Secrets

Welcome to ​Lux, City of Secrets,​ the third guide in​ The Evertree Saga!​

It's time to make a reputation for yourself in the city of Lux. In this first half of a two-part epic, you'll discover a vibrant and dynamic metropolis full of mysteries. Meet and mingle with characters old and new, uncover clues and clear up instances, wield weapons and magic, and rise to the highest before the town drags you under!

Lux, City of Secrets​ is a 438,000 phrase immersive interactive experience by Thom Baylay. It’s completely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by the huge unstoppable energy of your imagination.

The mayor of Lux believes someone is making an attempt to kill him, and he has chosen you to save his life. But defending the Luxican aristocracy just isn't your only precedence. Will you have the ability to balance the responsibilities of life within the big city or will you be swallowed up by an unforgiving city jungle? Will you prioritize your mates, your popularity, your career? In an open world the place, more than ever, the choices you ignore matter as much as those you explore, you'll need to determine on fastidiously in case you are to survive.

Reunite with outdated pals and enemies, continue to build the relationships you started in​ Evertree Inn​ and​ Sordwin​, or abandon it all in pursuit of one thing new. It's time to search out out when you have what it takes to uncover the mysteries of ​Lux, City of Secrets!​

• Play as male, female or non-binary.

• Play as homosexual, straight, bisexual or asexual.

• Continue a story started in Evertree Inn/Sordwin or play as a brand new adventurer.

• Explore the city of Lux over several days: pursue a career, examine chilling mysteries, or head out into the local wilds seeking adventure.

• Customize your character’s experience, together with 5 different homes and twenty totally different professions, every with their very own tales to be discovered.

• Build a reputation among the many c

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