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Good morning, pricey explorers! Welcome to Maske's day by day interstellar radio. How to overcome a terrestrial planet in 3038? No doubt to construct a mega tower in the middle of the planet.Don't ask why, that is what our interstellar conference says! But should you suppose that is all you have to do, think twice please.The Bezos expedition are flooding in from wherever, making an attempt to demolish every of your mega towers. After all, everybody needs to hold a monopoly over the planet!

I know your guys may be confused. Well, what lets do now? Buy defensive towers from my arsenal, in fact! Maske's Arsenal, with prime quality and low price! Don't hesitate!

Game Features

Easy to play: tap to attack

Special towers: free to match

Various ranges: struggle in opposition to the Bezos

Endless Challenges: towers and deploy

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