Merge Animals

By WillBeFun

Merge AnimalsMerge AnimalsMerge AnimalsMerge AnimalsMerge Animals

Merge Animals is a sort of casual puzzle game that adopts merged gameplay, whose objective is to merge items by numerous skills and player’s wisdom, defeat the witch, rescue all the small animals, build castles for animals, and regain their paradise.

There is a fairy kingdom for animals, where all animals stay here peacefully and carefreely. One day, an evil witch discovered this utopia, so she destroyed this paradise and took all animals away.

Your mission is leading all animals to defeat the evil witch and take their homeland again by making use of numerous methods. Setting your wits, working with all animals, you possibly can rebuild the animals’ homeland and give them a brand new Zoo Utopia, by merging, collecting, and upgrading grains, flowers, wooden, lighthouses, fruit trees, keys, and so forth.

You would need many various expertise in the merging process. Every time you rescued an animal, you'd unlock new gadgets and also meet new challenges. Do not slack, the extra you unlocked, the more highly effective the witch is. Complete the challenges, then get back animals’ homeland and rebuild an Animal Park.

Move transfer, obtain Merge Animals problem your self, defeat the evil witch, for the Zoo Utopia, for the animal kingdom!

The animals captured by the witch embody:

Alpaca, sloth, parrot, squirrel, ostrich, panda, penguin. Each of them is a beautiful cutie with a novel character and life aim. Merge objects to collect and unlock them!

Animal castles embrace:

Violet villa, log villa, bud palace, acorn palace, moon stone palace, bamboo garden, ice cream palace. Every single little animal owns a peculiar citadel. Collect them and fulfill their wishes!

More patterns are under updating continuously. Thank you for your supports on Merge Animals.

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