Merge Heroes: The Last Lord

By BHome

Merge Heroes: The Last LordMerge Heroes: The Last LordMerge Heroes: The Last LordMerge Heroes: The Last LordMerge Heroes: The Last Lord

The evil zombies and monsters change our journey from building peace and prosperity to warfare by invading massively the land.

The last lord, please help us out! It is the time to summon your heroes and construct a powerful military to win the struggle and rebuild civilization.


⚔️ Collect your hero playing cards

⚔️ Merge the playing cards and heroes in battles and degree them up

⚔️ Select Skill Points to assault enemies


⚔️ No internet connection is required

⚔️ Single-handed recreation

⚔️ DIVERSITY: more than 30 superheroes are ready for you to summon and full epic missions

⚔️ LEVEL UP: a fantastic variety of abilities and equipment can be constantly upgraded to lead your group to victory

⚔️ BUILD YOUR TEAM: create a prime-tier drive with numerous highly effective mages, troopers, archers, clergymen, shooters, elves and so on

⚔️ STRATEGY EXPERIENCE: create your profitable strategy and blueprint, organize your troops and assign correct battle positions

⚔️ BOSS BATTLE: problem the strongest boss and defeat him to get gold coins, uncommon weapons and unique rewards

⚔️ SEASON: including different climate backgrounds with unique authentic BGM is a incredible method to not solely squeeze out more performance of our recreation but to increase your audio and visible experience!!!

Summon your heroes to overcome this magical land full of monsters, fight for survival and civilization, and become the last Lords.

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