Mushroom Wars 2: Real-time Strategy ???? TD Defense

By Zillion Whales

Mushroom Wars 2: Real-time Strategy ???? TD DefenseMushroom Wars 2: Real-time Strategy ???? TD DefenseMushroom Wars 2: Real-time Strategy ???? TD DefenseMushroom Wars 2: Real-time Strategy ???? TD DefenseMushroom Wars 2: Real-time Strategy ???? TD Defense

Mushroom Wars 2 is an award-winning real-time strategy recreation mixed with techniques of Tower Defense and the hero skill parts of a MOBA.

Best Mobile Game, GTP Indie Cup 2017

Best Multiplayer Game, Casual Connect 2017

Best Strategy Game, White Nights

Command mushroom armies in real-time strategy game!

Upgrade your fungi base, capture battle map objectives and lead your tribe to victory one tower at a time. Plan your defense strategically and blitz by way of their frontlines in more than 200 challenging missions in this RTS game!

Multiplayer PVP and Co-Op modes

Challenge your friends or play with them - in true and truthful online PVP matches for as a lot as 4 individuals win probably the most skillful mushroom generals. Ranked leagues will show how you stack up in opposition to RTS competitors.

The ultimate combination: RTS and TD warfare game

Summon legendary heroes with mighty expertise that act as generals whilst you command the mushroom tribe minions. Power up your group with buffs and sneaky skills to gain the upper hand in breaking the enemy defenses in real-time struggle sport.

Welcome to the epic warfare technique sport, now download Mushroom Wars 2 and craft your RTS strategy!

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