Mystic Code : Choose your path


Mystic Code : Choose your pathMystic Code : Choose your pathMystic Code : Choose your pathMystic Code : Choose your pathMystic Code : Choose your path

What is the reality? Do you assume you can find it?

Become a Mystic investigator and chase down the assassin.

Supernatural murder thriller recreation – Mystic Code!

Mystics – beings who look human, but possess the strange talents of animals and plants. In a world the place Humans and Mystics coexist, an unprecedented murder case occurs, threatening the peace!

The lifeless victim was a police officer and a Gumwa (Golden frog) Mystic.

There was also a lifeless toad discovered next to the sufferer at the scene of the homicide.

What is the that means of the assassin’s message?

The case was passed on to MIU, the Mystic Investigation Unit, a bunch coping with the darkest cold instances of the previous.

Only they'll see how the cases are related.

Using their sharp instincts, they begin to hunt the murderer!

Mystery Visual Novel, Mystic Code.

- 25 chapters of an exciting and thrilling visual novel!

- How you conduct your investigation will result in a number of totally different endings, so choose properly!

- There are a number of endings, together with unhealthy endings that you need to attempt to keep away from.

- Side stories to provide you more information about the primary story!

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