Otherworld Legends

By ChillyRoom

Otherworld LegendsOtherworld LegendsOtherworld LegendsOtherworld LegendsOtherworld Legends

Explore lovely otherworlds like tranquil bamboo grooves, zen patios, grand underworld tombs or dreamy mirage palace. Master heroes with fiery temper and overwhelming power. Collect bizarre and humorous gadgets and experiment with their mixtures to search out the best construct. Together with the randomly generated world, each playthrough is a thrilling experience.


The finest warriors from totally different times and spaces are summoned to the mirage created by Asurendra. They move one trial after one other, to lastly come to face the long-buried secret behind this realm…


• Super punchy controls and very satisfying combat expertise.

• Many heroes at your choice, each with a definite combating type. Melee, range, magic. There is at all times your cup of tea.

• A large variety of enemies, bosses and scenes, from towering knights to dumb cute monsters. You won't ever be short of punch bags.

• Collect a sea of things that offer all kinds of bonuses. Crack on merchandise fusion recipes until you discover the perfect set of things that greatest suit your combating fashion.

• Prepare yourself for all the surprises you can get in the dungeon - random enemies, secret rooms, hidden store and unknown bosses.

• Assisted management helps you effortlessly target enemies and execute fabulous combos with few taps.

• A distinctive mix of 2D and 3D pixelart kinds and superior hand-drawnanimations.

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