Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt

By Finifugu Games

Otter Ocean - Treasure HuntOtter Ocean - Treasure HuntOtter Ocean - Treasure HuntOtter Ocean - Treasure HuntOtter Ocean - Treasure Hunt

Hello!! *kawaii otter noises*

Are otter’s just the oceans’ hamsters? They’re playful, fuzzy, and fit in the palm of your hand (a minimum of in this app!).

Relax in an ocean oasis with your cuddly, furry otter associates, and turn into an OTTER-worldly explorer of the ocean’s mysteries from the beach to OTTER-area!

Otter Ocean is a passive and enjoyable expertise, where you COLLECT cute otters, PET, feed and train them to turn out to be MASTER divers, and BUILD your dream kingdom of mysterious otters!

Come back on a regular basis to see something new, collect tasty meals and shiny pearls gathered by your otter pals, and continue discovering new otters, hidden secrets and new worlds your otters can discover!

Join our group and millions of players all over the world, play with your mates, and uncover the mysteries and treasures lay within the sunken ship, deep under the Otter Islands!




- Collect cute otter household

- Pet, feed and train your cuddly, furry (and hungry!) otter friends

- Watch as they dive to rescue mystery treasures with cute animations

- Discover the secrets and techniques of the deep ocean, and complete the gathering of the underwater artifacts

- Create and customise an attractive and secure ocean sanctuary on your otters and their friends

- Clean the ocean and restore life to the coral reefs

- New content added every week

- Special events allow you to earn exclusive otters and prizes


Are you having fun with Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt? Don’t forget to affix our group!



Need help? Feel free to ship an email to:

[email protected]

– We’re at all times joyful to obta

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