Paint It Back: Color Puzzles, Nonograms, Griddlers

By GameClub Inc.

Paint It Back: Color Puzzles, Nonograms, GriddlersPaint It Back: Color Puzzles, Nonograms, GriddlersPaint It Back: Color Puzzles, Nonograms, GriddlersPaint It Back: Color Puzzles, Nonograms, GriddlersPaint It Back: Color Puzzles, Nonograms, Griddlers

Paint It Back takes a staple of traditional puzzle books and provides it a humorous twist. An incident at an artwork museum wipes out all of its masterpieces just before it is about to have its grand opening. There's no time to bring in an expert. Whoever is on-hand that can fix them has to step up, and that 'whoever' is... you!

Yes, it falls to you to paint back every misplaced piece of art, square by square in a picture crossword. Luckily, you're not completely on your own. Not solely do you have the extremely useful title of each piece to information you, you will also be given the entire clues you want to resolve which squares must be painted and which ought to be left alone. Apply somewhat logic and paint and the museum might be ready to go in no time.

The works vary from tiny 5 x 5 grids all the best way up to gargantuan forty x 36 monsters. A total of 150 puzzles are grouped into 15 completely different galleries, each with its own unique theme. Multiple difficulty ranges permit even a studying player to sort out the larger works. With intuitive touch-to-paint controls, anybody can turn into a grasp artist with only one finger. Finished all of the puzzles? Challenge the Mystery Masterpiece mode and see how far you will get with a naked minimum of clues.

Classic Puzzles: Use the clues and a little bit of logical deduction to determine which squares to paint and which to depart blank!

Restore the Art: With little more than an assortment of weird titles to go on, you need to paint back an entire museum full of misplaced works!

Piles of Paintings: With 15 different themed galleries and 150 puzzles, your inventive duties will not be finished anytime soon!

Multiple Sizes: Got a couple of minutes to spare? Try out a 5 x 5 puzzle. Got a few hours? Grid sizes go up to forty x 36 squares!

Mystery Masterpiece Mode: Can't decide on a puzzle? Take the Mystery Masterpiece mode for a spin and see when you can paint back a randomly-selected picture!


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