Peace, Death! 2


Peace, Death! 2Peace, Death! 2Peace, Death! 2Peace, Death! 2Peace, Death! 2

In a spot beyond time and area, the Reapers formed an independent Union so they wouldn't need to reply to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse anymore.

With no acceptable candidate for the place of Union chief, the ambiance on the Union has descended into blissful anarchy, which is not great for productiveness.

Fortunately, a new Reaper will get employed as a Sorter in the future - you.

Rules. Send shoppers to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory based on the varied indicators they've. There are tricky clients who work together with each other, interfere with the Reaper's work, or ignore the essential rules, which means you'll need to be extra cautious if you're deciding the place to send nearly everybody.

Clients. Many shoppers are distinctive individuals. Some of them are even slightly famous - however any resemblance to actual individuals is totally, completely coincidental. They're not just unique faces, though - additionally they have distinctive abilities. For example, Jailers will not allow you to send prisoners anywhere, Bureaucrats will shock you with inspections, and the Musketeers are one for all and all for one!

The Reapers Union. This is where the Reaper goes after every work day simply to go to work again! But first you'll be able to accept contracts, view jobs from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, get the newest information from this world, and do super necessary favors for different Union members. After all, every candidate wants faithful friends when there's an upcoming election.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Now that the Union is up and working, the Horsemen lastly have time to devote to their beloved side initiatives. Death's Agency, War's Arena, Pestilence's Laboratory, and Famine's Diner are all open for business!

Anything else? Catastrophes, a rental apartment, a bunch more events, laughs, and possibly even cats. You'll positively get to do some fishing and take heed to superior music.

Good luck, Mr. Master Reaper!

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