Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life!

By Pepi Play

Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life!Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life!Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life!Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life!Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life!

Navigate Pepi Wonder World and meet favorite characters: knights, princesses, dragons, gnomes, unicorns, pirates, trolls, and different cute and funky fantasy characters! Unleash your kids fantasy – fake-play the fairy tales you love or create new ones!


KINGS CASTLE – life in a medieval castle with its own dungeons, stables, kitchen, armoury, throne room, and lots of secrets and techniques to discover! Fans of folk tales will find their beloved characters right here. Explore the dungeons, gown up your princesses and knights, cook royal dishes, and feast!

DWARF MOUNTAIN – inspired by famous fantasy tales. This island hosts Dragon’s Treasure Cave, Princess Tower, Magic Garden, and Gnomish mines. Navigate deep tunnels, develop magic plants, craft gems, uncover treasures and luxuriate in underground life!

WITCH HOUSE – Spooky Island the place Halloween is going on every single day! Dive into the world of magic. Create your individual music reveals, dress-up cute witches, create spooky monsters and candy tales!

DRAGON PLAYGROUND – A magic Skyland simply above the clouds is an ideal place for Dragons! Visit dragon land, create your personal child pleasant dragons, charge their superpowers, play dragon ball and construct draconic homes!

SKY SAILOR VILLAGE – a nation of artful adventurers, pilots, sailors, and farmers. Enjoy peaceful village life, or turn out to be world explorer – create your personal skyships, navigate the clouds and fend off nasty pirates!

SANTA'S WORKSHOP – Christmas may come once a year however within the magic world present wrapping never ends.

BUNNY GARDEN – an Island of vibrant life. Grow your own fruits and flowers and uncover a way to turn them into paint! Use this paint to colour gadgets, eggs, and the Island itself! Oh, and remember to say hi to the Bunny household!


Pepi Wonder World is a cluster of interactive island worlds that inspire creativity. While travelling through the Is

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