Picture Book Escape Game

By 株式会社ワークス

Picture Book Escape GamePicture Book Escape GamePicture Book Escape GamePicture Book Escape GamePicture Book Escape Game

Go on an adventure in the world of folktales while trying to find a way to escape from the world of image books!!

Now, it is time to hop into the world of our casual escape recreation with a hint of riddle fixing involved♪

You are the protagonist who has by chance entered the world of picture books.

Enjoy the world of well-known stories similar to Momotaro, Tsuru no Ongaeshi and Hanasaka Jisan while clearing various obstacles and avoiding risks to advance the story correctly!

A wealthy world with a complete of 24 levels await you. There might even be a particular stage at the finish?!

A brand new novel and nostalgic casual escape game by WORKS Inc., the creators of the Bunk Off Work series.

●How to play

・It's quite simple! Simply faucet the areas that caught your consideration and swipe the gadgets that you simply acquired.

・If you are stuck, watch the movies for clues!

・Try numerous things with what you see on the display.

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