Pocket Roguelike

By Takomo Games

Pocket RoguelikePocket RoguelikePocket RoguelikePocket RoguelikePocket Roguelike

Pocket Roguelike is a hack slash motion RPG with procedurally generated ranges, tons of loot and permadeath. Find treasure chests, commerce with retailers and fight sturdy bosses. Five heroes to choose from, every having unique gear structure and 12 powerful abilities to decimate foes in your path.

● 55 randomly generated levels

● 250 loot to find

● 6 hero lessons (Templar, Rogue, Barbarian, Mage, Druid and Necromancer)

● Total of 72 highly effective skills

● Each class has unique gear layout

● Trade with retailers, open treasure chests, discover hidden stashes

● Permanent death


After a thousand years of peace in the realm, an ancient evil has formed a binding between the realms of sunshine and darkish. Demons and beasts are crawling through and ravaging the lands like wildfire. Brawest of heroes are known as upon a quest to end the Corruption.


Start a journey from the snowy Haven's Peak, journey via spider infested caves, dense forests and sinister dungeons. Can you survive to the Corruption and sever the darkish binding between realms before it's too late? fifty five randomly generated areas to struggle via.


Find weapons, armors and jewelry with magical properties. Collect SETS of things. Find uncommon historical LEGENDARY class gadgets with epic properties. Pocket Roguelike has over 250 items!


Play as a TEMPLAR a faithful knight sworn to purge the unholy, skillful archer ROGUE or get able to brawl as furiously strong BARBARIAN. Descend the dungeons as a MAGE, the master of elemental magic, decimate your foes as a shapeshifting DRUID or elevate your individual skeletal military as a NECROMANCER. Each class has distinctive highly effective skills and gear layouts.


No roguelike could be a roguelike with out permanent dying, so tread fastidiously hero.


No hero should have to handle heavy lifting. Travel along with your trusted mule companion and let him carry all of your loot. Mule also can visit the nearest city to sell items you don't want.


Pocket Roguelike is actively developed (by one guy) and gamers' ideas and ideas are listened, i will maintain my finest to reply all of them. You can ship me e-mail at [email protected] or observe the development from my twitter channel at https://twitter.com/takomogames


Pocket Roguelike has an original soundtrack made by The Gread Red. You can find extra tunes by the artist from their Sound Cloud page at: https://soundcloud.com/thegreatred.

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