Pukkins Summer - Fun learning game for kids

By Inovision - Pukkins - Fun learning games for kids

Pukkins Summer - Fun learning game for kidsPukkins Summer - Fun learning game for kidsPukkins Summer - Fun learning game for kidsPukkins Summer - Fun learning game for kidsPukkins Summer - Fun learning game for kids

Pukkins Summer is a fun and educational game created with children, for children. Atmospheric music and fun sound effects.

Welcome to Pukkin's crazy world, anything can happen here! Join Pukkins and his friends to the beach, beneath the water and aboard the pirate ship! Play in the ice cream shop, swim with dolphins, look for treasures, greet the mermaid or why not the pirate cats, feed the fish and much more in beautiful cozy environments.

Games activities:

-Serve ice cream to Pukkins and his friends in the ice cream shop. Choose how you want. They like everything.

-Help the crazy skeleton Skrammel get back his ice creams that a mischievous octopus has snatched. When he's got all the ice cream back, Skrammel and the octopus have ice cream shells.

-The mermaid has hidden her favorite things under lots of seashells, can you find all the pairs? There are two different levels of difficulty.

-Help the pirate cat Smuggle find all his diamonds on the seabed. Can you find all the diamonds that change places from time to time?

-Go on a treasure hunt with the pirate cat Smilla. Dig out treasure chests, beware of the poop that is also hidden behind piles of sand.

-Feed fish with Pukkins, can you give the right food to the right fish? If the fish get the wrong food, they get a little bubbly in the stomach. When they get the right food, they become very happy.

-Pukkins and his friends will spend their day at the beach, helping them pick out towels, beach balls, water bottles, bathing suits and much more so that they are ready for a day at the beach. Mix as you like with the colors of the objects.

-The mischievous crickets, the ladybugs Stinkar and Moo love to build sand castles. Build a castle with you, choose between different designs and do as you please. It will be super nice!

-Oh well, the pirate cats' sails are full of holes, can you fix the sail and put the right cheek in the right place? A bunch of mischievous gulls are curious about what's going on. What happens if you interact with them?

-Pukkins and his friends love to play with water balloons. Can you throw water balloons at them? How many will you meet?

-Pukkins like fish, especially those with nice colors. Follow him in the boat and see if you can fish up all the fish he wants to watch. The sea is full of fun fish in different shapes and colors.

-Under the water at the bottom of the sea there are nice mussels in different colors. Pukkins have found fun things at the bottom. Can you see until the right thing ends up in the right clam?

-Pukkins really want to swim with the mischievous dolphins but he is a hot tub. Help him walk on the plank so that he ends up in the water and can swim with his new friends. Make sure that the barrel, which is on the button that folds in the plank, is full of bird droppings so that it is heavy enough to press the button.


-No purchases inside the app

-No advertising

-Votes in Swedish

-Child-friendly menus

-Funny colorful illustrations

-Many fun environments to explore

-13 fun games

-Lots of objects and characters to interact with

-Fun for the whole family

-Created with children, for children

For help / questions / thoughts, contact us at [email protected]

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