Quarks Galaxy

By Keesing Media Group

Quarks GalaxyQuarks GalaxyQuarks GalaxyQuarks Galaxy

Go on an adventure with the Quarks! Visit surprising planets with Max, Bob, Lola, Orbit and Harry and complete fun puzzles. Earn gold stars with every puzzle you full. Collect all jigsaw pieces on a planet to fill your trophy guide.

Maybe you have already played the PuzzleLife Quarks magazines? Like the puzzles within the magazines, the video games in this app are fun, adventurous and clever.

Puzzles you will discover on this app:

• Unlock; a challenging puzzle filled with calculations

• Patchwork; move all of the pieces to the correct position to complete the picture

• Tectonic; fill the grid with all the proper symbols

• Layout; place all the pieces correctly with none of them touching

• Barricades; move all of the items out of the means in which to open up the exit


• Free to download

• A secure, playful environment

• Can be performed offline, so no web connection required throughout play

• Educational enjoyable

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