Retired Wizard Story

By WestRiver

Retired Wizard StoryRetired Wizard StoryRetired Wizard Story


Once I was the greatest wizard in this kingdom.. But I deserted wealth and honor to live an strange life in my hometown.

Since I came back house, I began elevating sheep on a small farm.

On a boring afternoon, I used a talking spell to the sheep. Suddenly, the sheep began performing like humans and escaping from the farm. I have to use completely different magic spells to change them again to their unique state before the sheep owner finds out. Otherwise, everybody will discover out that I was the best wizard of the dominion and I will not be able to reside an strange life in my hometown.

'Stop all of the escaping sheep!'

'The enchanted sheep are coming!'

'The farm escape defense!'

How to play

- Using spells and items, stop enchanted sheep from escaping.

- Normal magic offers harm by touching the target.

- Continuous magic deals damage by touching and holding the target.

- Special magic deals harm to all enemies for a period of time.

- Mana potions, Power-up objects, and Freeze objects are everlasting to use.

- A mana potion regenerates your mana by 50% of full mana.

- A power-up item increases the magic power of all spells for a period of time.

- A freeze merchandise freezes all enemies for a time period.


- Daily free bonus.

- 10 chapters, one hundred stages

- cute game characters in each chapter.

- simple and simple control

- various improve systems

Official Trailer

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