RO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New Generation

By Nuverse

RO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New GenerationRO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New GenerationRO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New GenerationRO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New GenerationRO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New Generation

Authorized by Korean Gravity, continuing the classic, 3D MMORPG mobile game "RO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New Generation" set sail immediately, "Playing Captain" Lin Zhiying will join in, dear adventurer, open a new generation that belongs to you Dream trip now!

======Game Features======

◆You and I reunite story is born

The marriage system is implemented, and we go together with TA Romantic Journey

Exclusive mission for couples to enjoy a good life and meet your new generation of love!

◆GVG guild battle starts

It is a tactical competition and a time to test teamwork

Reasonable division of labor with the strongest strategy, and fight for the honor of the guild together!

◆Return to the original heart and take an adventure together

3D reproduces the big world of the end game, enriches the plot and free exploration

From the capital Prontera to the island on the sea, Mead The Galt Continent is waiting for you to unlock!

◆You are not lonely with warm companionship

Join hands with like-minded partners to create your own guild

More exciting dungeon activities, let’s take an adventurous journey together.


◆Personal occupation development

Melee high-defense sword knight, long-range output archer, range attack magician...

Re-engraving of classic occupations, multiple career genres to develop routes, writing Chapter of the New Generation

◆Guard your exclusive memories

There are everything from bubble sticker emojis to meet the needs of taking pictures at different moments.

The angle size can be adjusted arbitrarily, and you can record what belongs to you at any time Warm memories!

◆Cool mounts to go with you

Polly is a pink fan or a cute alpaca? Still the toucan that everyone loves!

Go with the mount and guard your fantasy adventure

◆Unlock life skills

Fishing, mining, gardening, cooking, smelting, cooking

You can also get a variety of materials to improve your skills while relaxing!

※The content of this game involves some characters who wear prominent costumes, violence (no bloody pictures), love and make friends, and are classified as supplementary 15 levels according to the game software classification management method.

※This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game. Please make appropriate consumption according to personal interests and abilities.

※Please pay attention to the game time, avoid indulging, playing for a long time, it is easy to affect your work and rest, you should take a moderate rest and exercise.

======Contact us======

Official website:

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Customer service mailbox: [email protected]

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