RPG Celes Arca Online

By Asobimo, Inc.

RPG Celes Arca OnlineRPG Celes Arca OnlineRPG Celes Arca OnlineRPG Celes Arca OnlineRPG Celes Arca Online

Over 10 trillion ways to decorate up, one of the best of all time! Enjoy the free character creation in this full-scale 3D costume up on-line RPG. Collect your favorite Avatar within the free Gacha out there every day!


3 Recommendation Points

◆Over 10 trillion methods to dress! Free-to-play RPG

Combine various Avatars and equipment to journey with your individual character! The possible combination exceed eye-popping 10 trillion ways, one of many greatest in Smartphone gaming history!

◆Grow your Pet and journey together

Role playing recreation whereby you can hatch an egg, grow the pet to journey together! Stroke your Pet, become shut, and something good could happen!


Play right now, for free! Every characteristic is available with none cost. Let's start your journey now!


Characteristics of the game

◆Beautiful full-3D graphic, a PC game-like actual time interplay such as co-op play and chat available in this MMO free-to-play RPG.

◆Various classes out there such as Fighter sort, Gunner sort, and Mage sort.

◆Simple game system nice for on-line RPG novices. The battle is in command-type system following the traditional RPGs.


Prologue of Online RPG Celes Arca

Mysterious stones and constructing that's stated to have fallen from the heaven within the historical ages. You will become a volunteer for the chivalric order known as Templem Knights, journey the world and clear up the hidden mystery of the world...


Regarding Character Transfer between Android Devices

The Android version of Celes Arca uses verification utilizing Google ID (Google Account hereafter).

・Syncing account information to new Android system due to switching units.

・Restoring Account info after repairing, altering device, or resetting system in accordance of the difficulty such as broken system.

By setting Google Account to your Android system, your account data (such as character) may be regularly used.


About Celes Arca

Over 10 trillion ways to dress, one of many best is investigated by ASOBIMO,Inc. (as of December 2012)

Free-to-play, and in-app purchase for sure gadgets.

User verification is completed by way of Google Account, so the same character can be utilized in numerous device, so long as the same Google Account is used.


Recommended for:

Those who love MMORPG, newbie of on-line RPG (MMORPG), those who have experienced MMORPG for PC, those that wish to enjoy full-scale 3D on-line RPG app on smartphones, these in search of free-to-play RPG apps, those that just love RPG, those that love fantasy, and folks who have been taking part in numerous MMORPG/free-to-play RPG.

Also those that need to take pleasure in dressing characters, those who wish to develop pets on smartphone, those who need to take pleasure in pet-growing game, and individuals who enjoy simulation video games. It's simple and welcoming for novices too. Make friends in a celebration or guilds, and experience the real-time adventure in an internet RPG for free!


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