Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

By Com2uS

Skylanders™ Ring of HeroesSkylanders™ Ring of HeroesSkylanders™ Ring of HeroesSkylanders™ Ring of HeroesSkylanders™ Ring of Heroes

Com2uS X Activision's Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes is back!

Skylanders will team up with Portal Masters to defeat Kaos and shield Skylands will start!

Meet the Revamped Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes

- Summon Skylanders with one go with the new summon system. Summon Skylanders and add them to your staff instantly.

- Revamped Skylander upgrade system! Go on an journey to collect the required materials to upgrade Skylanders.

- Newly balanced villains and contents! Challenge your self once more to feel the new excitement.

Revamped Battle System

- Brain vs. Brain! Enjoy the renewed battle system.

- Battle with widespread Mana! All-new battle system awaits you.

- Use Skylander abilities strategically in every flip and take down the enemies with Knockdown and Break status.

- Each Skylander is exclusive to its own trait! Come up with your personal group to form expertise strategically and claim victory.

Revamped Skylander Upgrade System!

- The upgrade system and the equipment system has been revamped! Go on an adventure with strengthened Skylanders.

- Evolve, Awaken, Superboost, and Transcend Skylanders along with stage ups to assist them grow!

- Check out the brand new Ether System, which will change according to the Skylander traits. Equip distinctive Ethers to match each Skylander traits.

Enjoy the New Contents

- Battle towards the revamped villains with the changed battle system.

- Protect Skylands by getting into the revamped Adventures Mode and Challenge Mode.

- Battle against other Portal Masters within the revamped PvP Mode!

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is dropped at you by Com2uS Corporation and Activision Publishing, Inc.

Licensed and revealed by Com2uS Corporation. Engine © 2018-2021 Com2uS Corporation. © 2018-2021 Activision Publishing, Inc. SKYLANDERS is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.

★Please Note

The recreation is unavailable on devices with Android OS 5 or below an

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