Slaughter 3: The Rebels

By Ray Spark

Slaughter 3: The RebelsSlaughter 3: The RebelsSlaughter 3: The RebelsSlaughter 3: The RebelsSlaughter 3: The Rebels

A city hidden from the the rest of the world.

For years it had been used as a massive jail advanced, where all probably the most dangerous criminals were sentenced for all times to be stored locked away in forever. Thousands of thieves, thugs, and killers festering in their anger and rage, needed to break free.

Now, the prison’s partitions have fallen…

The whole complex has been overrun by the enraged criminals. All personnel and security had been slaughtered, and native inhabitants forced to flee to the nearby woods.

You alone are left, soldier! Your partner has gone missing and communication with them was misplaced. To survive this lawless rebellion you’ll must be tough and prepared.

Arm your self with the best weapons, recruit allies, and find a method to escape this chaos.

Game features:

A wide variety of enemies, each of which wants its personal approach.

Many different varieties of weapons.

Interaction with companions. Equip a staff and improve your expertise.

The story campaign is crammed with characters, dialog, and loads of dark humor.

Arena mode. Hold out for as lengthy as attainable, destroying waves of enemies.

Explore a metropolis stuffed with dangers, secrets, and trials.

Rich and detailed graphics.

Optimized for contemporary in addition to outdated devices.

Simple controls giving full freedom of action.

Gamepad help.

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