By mazette!


SNKRX is an arcade shooter roguelite where you management a snake manufactured from a number of heroes, with every one having their very own attacks, passives and courses. Inspired by the auto-battler style, each hero within the snake has a set of lessons, and mixing enough heroes of the same class together grants further class bonuses. Heroes can additionally be upgraded to be extra highly effective when copies are bought from the store.

== Gameplay ==

* Your snake cannot cease transferring, flip it left or right to steer

* Your heroes attack mechanically when near enemies

* Combine heroes of the identical courses collectively to unlock unique class bonuses

* Clearing arenas grants gold, which can be utilized to rent heroes on the shop

* Buying sufficient copies of the identical heroes levels them up, making them extra powerful

== Features ==

* 40 heroes, every with unique attacks and passives

* 12 lessons, each giving stat boosts and modifiers to your snake

* 40 passive gadgets, every giving robust world results to your snake

* 25 levels of increasing difficulty because the run progresses

* 15 achievements

* Soundtrack by Kubbi

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