Space RPG 3

By Esaptonor

Space RPG 3Space RPG 3Space RPG 3Space RPG 3Space RPG 3

The subsequent game within the Space RPG series!

**English only** for now I am afraid.

To help improve the game, you'll be doing me a huge favour by reporting all bugs to Google or emailing me immediately. Thanks!



- A sprawling universe with over one hundred star methods to explore

- Dozens of ship varieties, weapons and extra upgrades than ever!

- Visible weapons and constraint turret arcs, for a more in-depth outfitting experience and more tactical gameplay!

- Beautiful area themed artwork

- Exciting area battle action! Fight pirates, aliens, and more!

- TWO primary campaign tales and quite so much of secret facet missions, for further replay-ability!

- Improved AI behaviour

- Improved endgame conquering features

- Store your ships in your individual garage at your space station.

- There is even a race observe on this one

Space RPG 3 options glorious role enjoying journey action. Do you wish to get wealthy on the commerce routes? Pirate goods from different ships? Follow the principle story? Go off, do facet missions, and explore? The choice is yours! Inspired by the traditional Escape Velocity series, Space RPG 3 will hold you entertained for hours!


Explore new techniques, and trade commodities to earn credits! Can you determine one of the best trade routes?


Spend your credits on new ships, weapons, and upgrades! Which style of ship fits you greatest - Cargo ship? Warship? Slow and sturdy or quick and agile? Will you utilize all your ships mass points for upgrades or max out your weapons? So many options! .... how will you choose to play?


Exciting actual time house combat! You hyper-jump into a system and the alarm goes off - Pirates!! Pirates often hunt in packs, and also you solely have a limited variety of torpedoes out there... can you survive?!


Featuring two sides to the principle story for additional re

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