Speed II - Speedometer

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Speed II - SpeedometerSpeed II - SpeedometerSpeed II - SpeedometerSpeed II - SpeedometerSpeed II - Speedometer

Speed II is more than a speedometer. It includes 12 tremendous counters with different appears and authentic and an actual dashboard for snug navigation. With a velocity limiter, it tells you the pace and overtaking and helps thwart a danger zones. For night use in the car, Speed II provides the potential for a mode invert a projection of the meter on the windshield of the vehicle!

To adapt this software to the viewing expertise, Seepd II is supplied with a dimmer.

Speed II allows geolocation live by displaying a map exhibiting your location (in map or satellite).

Speed II measures the speed of your automobile, motorcycle, truck, scooter, bike, boat and likewise trains and planes and even walking you.

According to the counters, the speeds are given in km / h or mp / h. Several counters enable a cumulative distance traveled.

The dashboard offered you completely the next:

- Average pace

- Your altitude

- Time

- Your steerage through an integrated compass

- The battery status of your Iphone.

- The level of GPS reception

The dashboard permits:

- To activate the speed limiter with or without audible warning. In this mode, Speed II tells you a pace restrict by the looks of an animation on the display and / or an audible warning.

- To activate the Invert for night imaginative and prescient by projecting the image of the meter on your windshield.

- To modify the brightness of the display for viewing comfort.

- To enable the geolocation map mode plan or satellite.

Use of Speed II

The use of Speed II is very simple and intuitive. The major menu allows you to choose the counter. Once selected, the counter appears in full screen and the dashboard is now left of the display screen in closed position. To open it, only a brief press on the aspect. You also can position it anywhere on the display. Simple and effective!

Features of Speed II

--- Original 12 meters (Analog - Digital - km / h - mp / h).

--- Dashboard retractable.

--- Speed limiter visual and / or sound.

--- Map gélocalisation to live.

--- Compass.

--- Altimeter

--- Average velocity.

--- Time.

--- Mode Invert for a vision on the windscreen

--- Light intensity dimmer for viewing consolation.

You want to troubleshoot a defective meter? Measure all speeds air - earth - water? Do not hesitate, Speed II must at all times keep centered in your pocket!

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